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Granteq recently commissioned a state-of-the-art corporate studio for a global pharmaceutical company. This remarkable studio opens up a world of endless possibilities in corporate communication and content creation, revolutionizing the way CEO messages are presented, training videos are produced, and other corporate video content is created.

The studio boasts a range of advanced features specifically designed to enhance the production process. One of the key elements is the installation of a green screen, which allows for the seamless integration of various backgrounds into video productions. With this green screen, multiple backgrounds can be effortlessly created, perfectly aligned with the desired message or training content. It provides an unprecedented level of flexibility, enabling businesses to create visually captivating videos that engage and leave a lasting impact.

In video production, lighting plays a fundamental role, and Granteq understands its significance. To ensure impeccable lighting for the studio productions, three GVM lights have been installed, along with Brightlines Studio Lighting.  These lights can be conveniently controlled through a mobile app, offering complete flexibility in achieving the perfect lighting setup for every occasion.

Whether it’s highlighting products, delivering presentations, or conducting interviews, the lighting can be precisely tailored to achieve the desired effect.

Another challenge in video production lies in delivering speeches flawlessly. The studio setup includes a teleprompter with a camera, providing a comprehensive solution to maintaining direct eye contact with the audience while delivering a polished and professional message. The camera captures contents in stunning 4K quality, ensuring that the final product meets the highest production standards.

The heart of the studio setup is the production-quality switcher with a recorder. This powerful device enables seamless switching between different camera angles and instant background changes, creating a magical and captivating visual experience. Need to transport viewers to a different location? With just a few clicks, the backdrop transforms, immersing the audience in an entirely new environment.

Apart from visuals, audio quality is equally important. Granteq has taken this into account by installing a ceiling microphone and a lapel microphone, & acoustically treated the room ensuring crystal-clear audio for presentations, discussions, or interviews. No matter the context, every word will be heard clearly, adding a professional touch to the final content.

Concerned about space limitations? Fear not! The studio has been intelligently designed to comfortably fit within a small room measuring just 3 meters by 2 meters wide. Despite its compact size, the comprehensive setup enables businesses to produce engaging podcasts, educational content, and much more.

The possibilities truly are endless with this corporate studio setup. It’s time to elevate your corporate communications and content creation to new heights. By contacting Granteq today, businesses can gain access to a wealth of creative opportunities and set themselves apart by delivering compelling videos that leave a lasting impact on their customers.

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