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Screens, Projectors & Interactions

Screens and projectors are almost inevitable to all businesses today.

Right from a small screen at the reception or meeting room to led walls that span meters, and projectors that are used in a cafetorium or town hall to projection mapping; screen and projectors of many types are being used today by businesses worldwide. 

Apart from these, interactive screens and whiteboards play a major role in team collaboration, education and entertainment. Each of the display technology has its own pros and cons. While the choice is varied, it demands some calculations and planning to implement the right sort of display technique for your premises or business. Let Granteq help you making the choice. 


Interactive White Boards & Smart Screens

Touch Screen Supplier Dubai, UAE

Touchscreen or interactive smart screens present interesting user experience. These are used in education, team collaboration, and even by sports clubs. Having an interactive touchscreen in training rooms will have an immediate impact. Being able to display and interact with complex illustrations, as well as annotate and save notes, will make a noticeable impact on information retention amongst the users and audience.


LED / Video Walls / IPTV

LED Walls can now be seen everywhere, from airports to shopping malls or retail showrooms. They are comprised of Direct View LED displays (also called DV) that work together as a unit to display content as if it were a single screen. Granteq has commissioned LED walls of all sizes and that too in record time.


Large Format Display

Large-format displays or screens are much more than a TV. They are commonly used in retail stores, lobby, control rooms, meeting rooms, or other professional scenarios. These screens can have a horizontal or vertical orientation.


Projectors / 180° / 360° Immersive Experiences

Over the years, projection technology has changed drastically. From overhead projectors (OHPs) to high definition digital 4K / UHD projectors of today, the projection technology is now widely used not just for projection but for interactive 360° experience rooms to projection mappings. Whether it is for your office or cinema or for entertaining projection mapping for an entire structure, Granteq has efficient solutions in hand.


Granteq is a leading outdoor LED Display Systems supplier in the UAE & Middle East. Granteq Provides Unique & Innovative LED Technologies

Outdoor LED Display Systems – Wide range of Interactivity, Versatility & Innovation

Granteq, with the help of strategic partnerships with some of the top manufacturers of high-end Outdoor LED Display technologies, brings a unique and innovative approach to display your ideas. We enable a platform to bring your ideas to life. In line with the emerging trends in Retail and other industry segments, visual technologies have become a high priority area for decision-makers. As an Audio Visual Integrator, Granteq has extended its arms in the visual technologies realm.

Over the years, LED Technologies have developed enormously to help engage clients and customers,

share information and entertain in unique and innovative ways. Our offerings include some of the lightest and the thinnest LED displays in the world. Our goal is to bring a customized, cost-effective and viable solution into the GCC market. We look forward to meet creative challenges in the field of Outdoor LED Display technologies and hope to push the boundary of what is possible.

Types of Outdoor LED Display technology that we deal in:

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