Videri Digital Canvas

The world’s thinnest, lightest and smartest Digital Canvas.

A cost-effective and hassle-free solution for easier collaboration and engaging meetings. Choose the right NovoConnect Solution for your space and your needs.

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Create jaw-dropping experiences that stop traffic and engage audiences. Videri Canvases blend in to let your message stand out.

Put digital where you never thought possible, delivering limitless possibilities.

  • Ultra slim, flush mount with thin bezels
  • No external media players
  • Requires only one thin power cable
  • Low power, ADA compliant, ESG friendly

When done right, digital signage has the power to engage. To influence. To drive impact.

Videri challenges traditional digital experiences with a simple, yet comprehensive solution that lets your message be seen. This is The Videri Effect.

Solves many challenges

Audience Targeting
Difficult to reach target audiences efficiently, at the right time

Measurable ROI
Actionable data is a challenge, making it hard to optimize

Personalization & Localization
Content isn’t always engaging and relevant for your audiences

Print-to-Digital Transformation
Fitting digital where traditional print has always gone feels impossible

Management & Resources
Staffing and training teams is expensive and time consuming

Environmental and budgetary impacts are adding complexity

Engage audiences.

Global brands trust Videri’s stunningly beautiful Digital Canvases for enterprise-grade scalability and security. With easy, simple deployment and management, our clients deliver ROI in days, not years.

Be Seen. In Retail.

Impact sales at the point of decision.

Deliver a stunningly designed retail store experience that lets your brand be seen, not clunky digital components. Drive real ROI measured in increased sales, not just impressions.

  • So easy to configure and set up, installers can put digital in new places
  • Controlled centrally with flexibility for regional and local campaigns
  • Display real-time POS communications and brightness on schedules
  • Designed to fit into your unique design and let your brand stand out
  • Unique Wireless Orchestration feature attracts, engages
  • 4X your wall space digitally

Be Seen. In Food & Beverage.

Showcase your menu highlights.

Delight your guests with mouthwatering or mood-enhancing visuals. Curate a beautiful and unique experience that amplifies your location.

  • Increase revenue and margin through upsell
  • Blends into any environment and still stands out
  • Make your POS communications go from static to dynamic
  • For larger brands, optimize your promotional campaigns nationally, regionally or locally

Be Seen. In Events.

Deliver high-impact events and activation experiences.

Create interactive and immersive experiences that result in higher value customer touchpoints. Put your brand at center stage to maximize impact while minimizing complexity.

  • Flexibility to completely transform any venue
  • Spread content instantly across multiple Canvases for immersive experiences
  • Beautiful, stunning and lightweight displays can be installed anywhere

Be Seen. In Hospitality.

Improve guest experiences.

Wow your hospitality guests with immersive content that tells your brand story, the way you need it to be seen.

  • Wayfinding and messaging that enhance guest experiences
  • Promote loyalty programs and rewards
  • Communicate amenities, events and services

Be Seen. In Corporate Messaging.

Communicate corporate messages with impact.

Be on message and optimize your corporate communications to be relevant and engage your team dynamically.

  • Easy to deploy and fits in anywhere so your employee messages will be seen by employees, wherever they are
  • Consistent and flexible real-time messaging across all your locations
  • Promote benefits, culture and events and recognize employees


Flexible, end-to-end solution for hassle-free digital signage deployments.

Create jaw-dropping experiences that stop traffic and engage audiences. Videri Canvases blend in to let your message stand out.

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