Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage

Boost Team Productivity & Communication

A cost-effective and hassle-free solution for easier collaboration and engaging meetings. Choose the right NovoConnect Solution for your space and your needs.

Direct connection with Launcher

Invite guests or team members to instantly connect to the NovoConnect unit from their laptops using Launchers. A mix of all three models can be used to accommodate different guest and internal user needs in the meeting room. No matter the setting, Launchers work with all NovoConnect solutions.

Simple. Guaranteed.
The NovoConnect devices are designed to those who already have a screen or projector, but wish to enhance or extend their existing AV infrastructure with wireless presentation and digital signage functionality.

Find out more about our solution and choose the right NovoConnect device to fit your space and meet your needs.

Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage

Vivitek NovoConnect

Simple & Easy to Connect

  • Cable-free presenting eliminates the hassle and lets you get going in seconds.
  • Cross-platform screen mirroring lets everyone share from any device.
  • Connect quickly using QR code on mobile devices with NovoPresenter App.
  • Optional USB LauncherPlus for direct connectivity with zero impact on your network.

Vivitek NovoConnect

Discussion & Collaboration

  • Enhance your meeting by sharing up to 4 screens simultaneously, while 64 participants can be connected to switch instantly.
  • Comment and collaborate in real time with digital annotation and highlighting.
  • Wirelessly share files, meeting minutes and snapshots with all participants.
  • Moderation functions keep you in control of the agenda.

Vivitek NovoConnect

Productivity & Privacy

  • Start your meeting and customize the home screen with your logo, agenda or connection instructions.
  • With AES encryption and dual network management, security comes first.
  • Privacy and security are ensured thanks to PIN-protected guest access.
  • Dual-band WiFi and 2T2R connectivity ensure high standard of quality and performance.


Connect to share content and mirror any device on the main screen in the meeting.


Work with up to 64 participants in the meeting, while 4 can share content on a split screen.


Share ideas and files instantly with all participants.

NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration for


Meeting Rooms
NovoConnect can transform an ordinary meeting into a creative and dynamic collaboration session.

Huddle Spaces
Meetings don’t always require a dedicated room. With NovoConnect, you just need a display on the wall to create a perfect huddle space for quick brainstorm sessions.

Conference Rooms
Where the whole office comes together, the NovoConnect solution will ensure that everyone can connect and collaborate with ease.

NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration for


Reception Area
Employ digital signage for the reception area in a business office or hotel lobby to provide key information to your guests.

Public Meeting Spaces
Company canteens or reception lounges can be converted with NovoConnect to be used as meeting space or share public announcements. Communicate agendas, department goals or safety announcements

NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration for


The NovoConnect offers an education mode where The NovoConnect offers an education mode for the teacher to moderate the lecture and choose who can share their screen.

Lecture Hall
The collaboration tools in NovoConnect can convert the display in the lecture hall into an interactive setting. Initiate voting and polling to engage students in the lecture as well as gain feedback.

Student or Teacher Lounge
Use the digital signage feature to communicate after-school programs, emergency updates, sporting events, or weekly lunch menus.

Features and Benefits

Share Your Screen

Meeting participants are able to wirelessly show their screen on the large display when attached to NovoConnect.

Split-View Screen Sharing

Present up to 4 screens simultaneously to the large display, while up to 64 participants can be connected. The ease of use will guarantee more participant engagement.

Bring Your Own Device

Hassle-free mirroring, ready to facilitate the BYOD practice. The cross-platform compatibility with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android and iOS ensures simple and guaranteed connection.


Drive creative teamwork with collaboration tools such as real-time annotation, recording, or file sharing. Additionally, the moderator function helps the host to remain in control of the meeting.

Screen Duplication

Duplicate the main screen to multiple displays across different rooms to allow a large group of people to be split across breakout rooms and still share the same content.

Secure Connection

All NovoConnect products offer built-in security features, such as AES-256 encryption, dual networks to separate guest and employee access and password-protected configuration. They are compliant with ISO 27001 international standard.

Centralized Management

All NovoConnect products are easily integrated into the network and controlled centrally with the Remote Manager software.

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