Visitor Management, Meeting Room Management & HD Video Conferencing Systems

Granteq is one of the leading companies in the UAE in the ICT & AV segment. Here is a case study of one of Granteq recent projects, involving Visitor Management with Human – Machine Interface, Integrated Meeting Room Management & HD Video Conferencing facilities.

Visitor Management, Meeting Room Management & HD Video Conferencing Systems – Case Study of Audi Volkswagen Middle East

Audi Volkswagen Middle East (AVME) is the regional office of Volkswagen, Audi, and VW Group Services in the Middle East.

Audi Volkswagen Middle East (AVME) functions as the first point of contact for all Volkswagen and Audi dealers across the region. Having the brands Audi and Volkswagen fully represented and serving as the back office for Bentley, Bugatti, Skoda, and Lamborghini, AVME is the backbone of driving the automotive business of the VW Group in this region.

When AVME moved to their new office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), they wanted an upgrade in their AV and allied technologies.

What does the project involve?

The new office for Audi Volkswagen Middle East required Visitor Management, Meeting Room Management System, Meeting Room AV, and seamless screen sharing solutions.

Visitor Management System

The Human–Machine Interface Visitor Management System helps offices to manage, log and track visitor movements efficiently. Visitor management has become crucial in terms of customer satisfaction, security, and, in today’s special situations, health.

The Visitor Management System installed for AVME is able to register a visitor with a few taps on the iPad touch screen fitted onto a kiosk. The system will capture a photo of the visitor and print a pass; upon security verifications.

The moment the visitor registers, the host at AVME will be notified of the guest’s arrival by mail, call, or/and SMS.

The visitor management system logs the details of the visitor, like the personal details, entry and exit times, host details etc. In case of repeated visitors, the data will be retrieved automatically without the need of entering them again. The visitor information is synchronized with the active directory of clients within AVME so that redundancy in data management is avoided.

The QR Code printed onto the visitor badge controls the access within the AVME office premises. So based on the type of visitor, the access level will be predefined and can be controlled as required.

Meeting Room Management

Meeting Room Management

Being a corporate office, meeting rooms of different sizes and capacities are expected to be in place. Regardless of the number of meeting rooms, the management of them becomes complex as the team members may require the meeting room for various internal team meetings or external customer meetings. The meeting room management systems become so crucial for smooth office functioning by avoiding friction between team members.

For AVME, the new office has multiple meeting rooms and they wanted to manage them through a single window. A lot more flexible, a lot more efficient:  Granteq’s solution was in the form of Evoko Liso.

The automation system provided by Granteq, especially Evoko is a good one. We really feel that we are now more efficient and handling meeting room bookings and we have insight into the upcoming schedule of the week and month and so on. And this is something that we were missing before. Says Saif A Khan, Retail & Customer Applications Manager, Audi Volkswagen Middle East.

Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book a room with any of our favorite digital calendars, or directly on the screen using fingertips. The intuitive user interface is of a whole new level. Evoko’s meeting room booking system presents all information elegantly on the screen and it actually changes information on the display when someone walks up to it, always displaying the most relevant information. One can book, end, or extend a meeting directly from the clock, or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size, and equipment.

The green, amber, and red light aura on the Evoko Liso help one to see at a glance if the room is vacant or not. No more confusion or double bookings.

This meeting room scheduler gives full insight into the organization’s meeting patterns to really optimize resources. One can get decision-making support that truly cuts cost by analyzing statistics in the web-based Evoko Home. And see the full meeting room schedule at a glance with the Evoko Overview screen in Evoko Home.

It’s easy to see what’s available, what’s booked, and what’s soon to be occupied just by the red, green & amber colour coding system. With the Evoko Get A Room app, working on the go is super easy! Book, share, and invite colleagues to the meeting too.

Evoko Meeting Room Booking System is the perfect partner for co-working collaborative environments where you use shared office spaces. No additional booking system required, No common email domain needed and is Co-working compatible.

Evoko was suggested based on its versatility and extensive features perfectly in sync with AVME’s meeting room management requirements.

Saif was in all praises for the solution Granteq offered for the meeting room management. “So yeah, it’s a great solution and we’re quite happy with it. The rooms that we designed right now were part of our global strategy to give us a better mix and match of technology”. He said.

Meeting Room AV

Meetings are held in multiple modes these days. Some face to face, some online, and some other hybrid. As per some previous studies, approximately 10 minutes of time is wasted due to the equipment setup of the meeting. In the case of video conferencing, or hybrid meetings chances are high that this can extend up to 15-20 minutes.

Here is the importance of smart integration of meeting room AV.

We were reluctant to go with…” says Saif, “But again, given the design from Granteq, I think this all came out very well and the whole management is quite happy with the outcome of this whole project.

He continues “They provided us with a very good platform where we can hold our Skype meetings, and hold our team meetings. Also, look into discussing presentations on the big screen

The meeting room is integrated with high-definition Video Conferencing technology, involving a large screen, Polycom Eagle Eye Tele Conferencing Cameras, and Audio systems. All working seamlessly and with minimal or no setup required.

HD Video Conferencing Camera

The Polycom   EagleEye conference-room camera captures incredible detail in a wide field of view. So everyone in the meeting is seen—and knows they’re an essential part of the bigger picture. Flexible enough to use in any environment, it delivers a great picture and the right view from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms.

The Polycom  EagleEye is a perfect fit for different environments and applications, the 12x or 4x zoom options are available with a 180-degree panning radius. Crisp, clear and immersive. High-definition video captures up to 1080p60 with pan, tilt and 12x optical zoom capability. With the optional Polycom EagleEye Digital Extender, the cameras can be mounted up to 330 feet away from the video system.

Why Granteq?

Granteq was awarded the project due to its extensive knowledge and expertise in similar projects.

According to Saif, “Granteq has a bunch of wonderful, exciting people and my relationship with them has been quite good. They’re very hands-on, they’re very approachable, and I think they do know about the kind of technology and office automation that is required in this domain. So yes, I had a great experience and I think the whole management is quite good with the kind of work they have carried out for us.

“Granteq clearly understood our brief very well and presented solutions befitting our requirements”
Says Thorsten Roehl, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Audi Volkswagen Middle East

It was indeed a great experience to work with Audi Volkswagen Middle East. When clients know what they want and at the same time open to newer ideas, the project elevates itself from being a ‘project’ to a ‘masterpiece’!” comments Girish Narayanan, Managing Director of Granteq.

The team at AVME was all keen to have technology enablers, automation, and quality implementation. Right from the Human – Machine Interfaced Visitor Management System to the easy-to-use Meeting Room Management System, high definition video conferencing, and screen sharing solutions – everything seamlessly connects to form a modern-day corporate workflow.

We are super happy that the team at AVME liked our solutions and we look forward to working with the team in the future as well.” Says Girish Narayanan

The mission of Audi Volkswagen Middle East reads “We add value in everything we do.”  Very much aligned to Granteq vision of “becoming the most preferred partner for Innovative AV & LCT Solutions for customers across the world”

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