Granteq Ensure+

Remote Helpdesk Support Solutions

Available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the rest of GCC. Your Instant Help Desk Platform

Granteq is the leading solution provider of Video Helpdesk for Remote Support in Dubai, Abudhabi and rest of UAE


Your support team will be able to access the support system through a web browser or mobile app to get live video helpdesk support wherever they are.

Because good customer service
costs less than bad customer service!

Your Instant Remote Helpdesk Support Solution

Remote Video Support SoftwareSelf-Help AV Portal
Our Remote Helpdesk Support Solutions Perfectly suited for entities that believe in employee empowerment, immediacy, self-help and improving employee experiences.

QR/NFC/Web Scan
When scanned through a mobile device, each code directs you to your own custom portal, made for your brand and your situation.

Integrated Video Helpdesk
A Granteq Ensure+ technician can access installation information customized to that single geographic site.

In-App Documentation
Provide space-specific user guides, installation instructions, and how-to videos.

Asset Management
Organize IT documentation for each space and connected device all in one portal.

Facilities Support
Report issues with rooms/spaces and request live helpdesk and/or on-site Remote Helpdesk Support.

Instant Support For Every Technology

Instant support information for each specific space/device
Maximizes uptime virtual concierge
Live video option to get user POV
Enhances employee experience

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