Telemedicine, Remote diagnostics, Patient Monitoring & Simulation

With telemedicine solutions, doctors are empowered to expand their reach to treat even those patients that are in remote parts of the world.

Granteq, as one of the leading telemedicine equipment supplier in the UAE, understand that every organization seeks something different. We cab craft telemedicine solution specifically to your wants and needs, providing the ability to grow and enhance your program and address specific specialties while always delivering top quality healthcare to all of your patients.
As telemedicine continues to evolve and change the way healthcare is delivered across the world, we are dedicated to further expanding our telemedicine expertise and constantly delivering new medical tools and applications.

Remote Diagnostics

Telemedicine Diagnostic Technologies & Telehealth Equipment

Telemedicine UAE, Saudi Arabia

Modular telemedicine carts and systems are designed to help you meet your specific requirements for form, fit, and function, based on your application. We recognize that every use case is unique in its own way and requires different levels of mobility and/or space limitations. Each telemedicine system is capable of providing the flexibility to integrate various hardware and software components into your final solution.


Direct-to-Consumer Platform

OnDemand Visit is all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. This enterprise-wide virtual care solution engages patients in a more convenient way than in-person office visits.


Employee On-Site Healthcare

Employee On-Site Healthcare offers self-insured employers convenient access to board certified physicians for clinical examinations and on-demand doctor visits, occupational medicine services, and an on-site health coach and general medical liaison. Through our collaborative approach of using telemedicine/telehealth technologies, an onsite medic and a remote physician, your employees will receive immedate access to healthcare, without having to leave your facility.
The focus and goal of Employee On-Site Healthcare is to improve the healthcare of your employees, while saving you as much money as possible.


Simulation Technology

Just as medicine continues to advance, healthcare simulation—and the standards that govern it—are also evolving. It’s important that healthcare organizations keep up. Whether you are undertaking a simple refresh or preparing for an extensive simulation renovation, input from AV experts is key to your success. The experts at Granteq are here to help.


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