Professional Video Broadcasting Studio for Corporates, Educational Institutions & Governments

Video Broadcasting Studio

This is Bob, broadcasting LIVE from our studio in UAE

Who will require a broadcasting studio? Television channels – right?
That’s past.

Now, educational institutions, corporates, governments, religious establishments, organizations, and even YouTubers are requiring their own studios – thanks to the modern-day video streaming technology.

Educational institutions are now required to produce educational video content and stream them over the internet. On the other side, students are now required to add a skill set to their curriculum – video content production.

Press releases, PR articles, magazine interviews, and even internal memos are less read these days and the management of corporate companies are now seeking innovative communication strategy involving video and graphic rich interactive presentations.

In all cases, the video content produced needs to be of good quality to ensure engagement. Good quality video production demands quality studio and studio equipment. Studios that are sufficiently lit, with acoustic sealing, equipped with chroma screens and high definition video and sound recording facilities are mandatory for quality video production.

Recently Granteq was approached to design & build a complete studio.

The task was to convert an area that pretty much looked like a simple empty hall to a fully functional video production studio. The project involved fit-outs, glass and gypsum partitions, HVAC, fire safety, ceiling, flooring works, and MEP. While the technology that goes in the studio is of paramount importance, everything that goes around it also becomes critical for successful studio production. That’s why Granteq was chosen as the turn-key solution provider for this project. 

Granteq’s extensive experience in turn-key project implementations that involved a range of ancillary works, apart from the core AV integration is what made Granteq winning this project.

It was indeed a work that demanded precision planning, co-ordination, human resource management, logistics management, and above all great teamwork. The studio was commissioned in record time.

The studio has raised floors, green screen, LED screens, ceiling mounts, tripods, 16 bay server, terminals, sound receivers, teleprompter, and all that are required for a professional broadcasting studio. At the heart of all stands the most complete video production system on the planet. The production line is complete with MacPros, Dell Precision Tower production PC, I/O DSPs, Gigabit Switches, High fidelity speakers, professional headphones, etc.

Lighting plays a major role in a studio. The studio has many exclusive studio-grade light points connected to track lights, and linear lights among others.

The scope of Granteq’s professional services included installation, testing & commissioning, project management, training, and support. 

Transforming the premises to a studio involved authority approvals, demolition of the ceiling and flooring tiles, hoarding installation, change of entry points etc. Since it is a studio, acoustic wall cladding is mandatory. Wall partitions of glass and gypsum, with manifestations, claddings, and baffles, sliding doors, wooden ceilings, skirting, and painting – the project involved many aspects that were all done meticulously. 

The changes in floor and ceiling plans demanded changes in the fire safety and HVAC layouts as well, requiring authority approvals. Granteq could breeze through all this, thanks to its extensive knowledge of UAE regulatory standards and procedures.

Granteq also took care of the complete furnishing of the studio that included, solid wood bar chairs, guest chairs, task Chairs at control area, planters, vanity table, powder-coated movable “LIVE” stand, and neon “LIVE” sign.

Quality, as the saying goes, is never an accident. It is the result of high-level coordination and project planning. The broadcasting studio thus stands as a testimony to Granteq’s professionalism and project management expertise. 

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