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Granteq is well known for bringing innovative AV technology to this region. Granteq Spaces are AV solutions suited for modern-day living. 



Cafetoriums are large spaces that are used both as a café as well as an auditorium. Organisations are rapidly changing their work culture. They no more want to hold staff meetings in a conventional manner, they are held at a more casual environment – at Cafetoriums and the like. Not just meetings, staff get-togethers, events and celebrations are being held at Cafetoriums. Granteq has AV powered Cafetoriums for corporates and establishments in the region; from projectors, led walls, large format screens, music and sound systems and much more.



Town hall meetings are the best way to reach and address the whole members of staff in large organisations. It is an opportunity for the top level management to interact with the team members, no matter where they are across the globe. Interactive tools help to bring the engagement element to such sessions, taking out the monotony and one sided communication. AV Systems that are reliable, easy to operate and simple to manage plays an important role in successful Town hall meetings, trust Granteq.


Collaboration spaces

Collaboration spaces within office help the team to brainstorm, innovate and discuss ideas – not just with those within the premises but with anyone of their choice across the globe. Collaboration spaces are usually equipped with video conferencing solutions, interactive white boards, screen sharing and other interactive and collaboration tools. Collaboration spaces are one of the most important area companies should invest on as this brings out the best of the team in a leisure and un-stressed way. Granteq has helped companies to build their innovation spaces effectively and efficiently.


phone booths

Voice communication is something that cannot be avoided within an office. No matter what the tone or topic of the communication, when within an office space, all types of voice communications are distractions for the rest of the team. The solution is Phone Booths. Phone booths, enhance privacy as well as avoid the distraction of other staff. These phone booths can be installed without altering the existing interiors and can be moved when needed. They are sound insulated and come in varying sizes. Phone booths can majorly help increase productivity and the work environment.

integrated smart workspaces

Ricoh Spaces

RICOH Spaces revolutionizes workspaces by offering a dynamic and intelligent platform that encourages collaboration, simplifies operations, and adjusts to current work trends. It presents an opportunity to embrace superior employee experiences and engage with the future of workspace management.


create private and collaboration spaces easily

Nook is a mobile modular huddle pod, designed originally to help introverts and those on the autistic spectrum in the workplace. Now Nook helps everyone to improve their personal wellbeing, as well as adding efficiency & flexibility of space while creating greater engagement between people.
Nooks users benefit from increased productivity through better focus; experience more effective phone & Skype calls; and hold more powerful small meetings.

Nook can be sat-inside, sat ‘at’ by pulling up an additional chair or stool, or stood at and leaned on from the rear. Such flexibility invites a variety of uses and creates an enthusiasm to explore and a satisfaction to participate in.


sound masking

Sound masking makes undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible. The result: Employees are less distracted, they are able to concentrate better, and their productivity rises measurably!

Sound masking technology will help you increase productivity in your workspace by reducing noisy distractions and providing opportunities for privacy and focus. A comfortable office positively impacts employee mood, drive, and performance.

divisible / combinable rooms

Businesses are so dynamic today, and demand a dynamic space as well. A space that was designed for 4-5 may become insufficient and a space that planned for 10-20 may become too much! What if we could re-arrange the spaces, the way we want – no matter whether it’s a few square foot of space or a few meters. That too, with splitting the screens, sound and any other AV systems inside! Divisible / combinable rooms give you the freedom to construct spaces of varying sizes easily and dynamically. Space management was never so easy.


Let’s build the most innovative AV spaces for you! Every need is unique, let’s assess your requirements!

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