Questions, Answered on Telemedicine for Healthcare Industry

Granteq is a renowned LCT (Learning , Communication & Technology ) provider bringing in the best contemporary technological expertise for each industry segment. The team offers state of the art telemedicine for health care sector focusing on establishing a strong continuum of care, collaboration and connectivity. These healthcare solutions offer innovative tools that promote faster, more informed decision making, enhanced remote diagnosis facilities, savings on time and travel, yet extending care and support. Our sophisticated communications technologies offer innovative tools that promote faster, more informed decision making, enhanced training facilities, SAVINGS on time and travel and increased scope for remote diagnosis, care and support. What do you see as the benefits of telemedicine and telehealth? Granteq over the years has helped to define successful telemedicine by offering quality products and cutting-edge technologies that bring medical care to underdeveloped areas around the world. Today, as telemedicine is evolving into a mainstream use of delivering healthcare worldwide, Granteq expands our telemedicine expertise into new and exciting applications and medical specialties. Some of the most significant benefits of this technology include:

  • Convenient, end-to-end communications solutions
  • Live video and IP connection for real-time evaluation and diagnosis of remote patients
  • Streamlined, organisational procedures that improve referral rates
  • Optimized patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced training and presentation facilities

What is driving hospitals and health systems to embrace the TECHNOLOGY?

As technology gets more agile in all areas including healthcare, the ability to deliver more in terms of productivity and performance is becoming a priority. Telemedicine is no longer a metaphor and in fact is one really strong avenue for that type of delivery. Whether it’s a congenital heart defect, a middle-aged stroke patient, skin allergy case, gynecology  problem, or an aging diabetic, Telemedicine provides patients with cutting-edge care with lowest cost and a promising continuum of care. Hence, with these trends & tech savy must have’s, hospitals and other healthcare bodies are recognizing major benefits associated with investing in these. One of Telemedicine’s benefits cater to handling remote patients, so in what way is telemedicine essential in rural areas? Rural areas face a unique set of challenges when delivering quality healthcare and access to doctors and specialists. The best of the doctors mostly live in urban cities, hence telemedicine bridges the gap in the continuum of care between urban and rural areas. Also, when patients in remote areas get to know about a hospital using telemedicine, they have higher regard for that hospital and are less likely to bypass it for treatment at an urban spot. Why would a healthcare institute invest on a telemedicine device? The prime reasons for a healthcare to invest in Tele Health / Tele Medicine technology are to increase access to patient care along with reducing costs to them & bringing maximized returns. They may have their existing patients coming, but a lot of the them would be requiring their diagnosis in rural rural areas. The technology also saves time and costs, because doctors don’t have to travel to remote locations and can simply sit at a kiosk in their facility and connect virtually to those further locations. It also paves way to treat patients carrying contagious diseases by sitting away while still providing the same level of care.

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