Granteq is a Proud PSNI Global Alliance Affiliate

Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) Global Alliance is a network alliance comprised of the top AV/IT Integrator and Service Providers working in close partnership with the best distributors and manufacturers in the industry. PSNI continues to not only unite industry leaders, our network supercharges them by extending their reach, complementing their strengths, and multiplying their resources, all combined with a commitment to the highest industry standards.

We support each other by partnering across the network. We strongly advocate continuing education, industry certification, common vendor selection and training. We strive for “next” through our commitment to trust, professionalism and learning.

PSNI is a composite of the Shareholders-All passionate about the network, their company, and most importantly, the end-user. They don’t just sell and build integrated systems and technology-They solve problems and deliver results. That’s what gets them excited each and every day.

Chris Miller
Executive Director

Professional Systems Network International (PSNI), the oldest and most widely recognized commercial AV technology network in North America is pleased to announce the formation of the PSNI Global Alliance. An expansion of the existing $1.4 billion-dollar revenue network, PSNI will now include technology integrators and services providers in over 100 countries over the next three years. The global expansion is the culmination of the original vision of PSNI started in 1986.

“The formation and structure of a global network is a complex initiative—one that we have been evaluating and studying for the past three years,” said Chris Miller, PSNI Executive Director. “In 2016, it was decided that PSNI would underwrite an exploratory study to determine the viability of a global footprint. The findings confirmed that the timing was right for the expansion of the network to benefit current and future stakeholders.  The ability to deliver global integration and managed services to enterprise clients through a connected network of trusted partners is now one step closer to reality for a select group of best-in-class technology providers as part of the PSNI Global Alliance.”

“Over the last year, our focus has been to create a strong vetting plan for selecting the right partners and a sustainable business model that provides a win-win-win business model for everyone—especially the end-users of technology who are focused on deliverables and outcomes,” stated John Fuchs, Director of International Development and original founder of PSNI.

“The partnerships have to be fair and profitable for everyone involved while at the same time staying competitive in the market.

A high level of trust and accountability is paramount to overall network success.”

The approval of the first 10 new global affiliates members became official on May 25, 2017, by consent of the PSNI Membership Committee and Board of Directors.

“We believe that the success of any global network requires an inclusive business approach from a diverse membership of thought-leaders backed up by a fulltime leadership team that can coordinate, implement, drive, and deliver sustainable programs and value,” explained Miller. “This is a core-strength of PSNI management, who have decades of experience in ownership of integration and service-based companies.”

“Standardization in all environments, a single point of contact for global projects, economy and quality amongst many other things are what we are most excited for as a new PSNI Global Alliance Member,” stated Odair Tremante, CEO of Solutione newest PSNI member based out of Brazil.  “Having a professional network to take care of this will be a huge benefit to us and other companies like us who are doing business throughout the world.”

These newly inducted members include: DataVision in Germany; Meritec Presentation Products, LTD in Ireland; BIS in The Netherlands; Involve Visual Collaboration, LTD in the UK; Snelling Business Systems, LTD in the UK; Candeo Vision in the UK; Solutione in Brazil; Resurgent in Mumbai; Granteq in Dubai as well as North American Affiliate Parnter, HB Communications, in the UK.

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