PSNI Member Granteq Audio Visual Dubai

PSNI – A Global alliance of solution providers capable of meeting your audio/visual (av) communication needs, spotlights Granteq

PSNI is an alliance of elite technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service partners around the world.

PSNI technology partners and integrators, like Granteq, whom are refered to as PSNI affiliates, lead the industry in expertise, and set the standard for best practices.

The PSNI network provides audiovisual and broadcast communications systems integrators with direct access to the most advanced technology, and the training and support that come with it.

PSNI Global Alliance not only unites industry leaders, but supercharges them by extending their reach, complementing their strengths, and multiplying their resources, all combined with a commitment to the highest industry standards. For organizations seeking AV solutions, PSNI affiliation is the ultimate industry credential. More than that, it’s a promise that you’ll receive the smartest solutions, the smoothest installations, and the best training, service and support.

Granteq has been a member of the PSNI Global Alliance since June of 2017, headquartered in Dubai. With a focus on innovation, Granteq aims to bring the best contemporary technological expertise & business partners in an effective & cost-efficient way.

Please watch the video to check out this week’s Member of the Week, Granteq!

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