AV Integration at Citizens School, Dubai | Lights, Sound, Screen, Wireless Presentation & Scoreboard

Granteq commissioned Citizens School’s auditorium with advanced AV systems.

This area is used for various activities such as hosting sports events, assemblies, concerts and more. Granteq designed and built the AV Systems for Citizens School’s auditorium.

Two motorized 335″ screens, each accompanied by their own projector and input points – three HDMI wall plates and a wireless presentation device (Airserver) – are now available in the space. The audio system boasts 16 front-facing speakers, 8 wall-mounted ones, 3 stage monitors and 2 subwoofers at the rear of the auditorium. In addition, the voice system consists of Catchbox wireless mics, 2 handhelds and lapels.

The sound mixer is situated in the control room, where it can adjust audio levels and microphone gains throughout the auditorium. There are also speaker monitors in this room for program audio. The lighting system is comprised of three different types of luminaire on a truss: warm white ovation lights, movable spotlights and multicoloured Par Can lights. These can all be controlled either via a web browser on a tablet or from the console in the control room.

Another highlight of the indoor stadium is the digital scoreboard. The scoreboard is designed to display real-time scores and other game information. The easy-to-use interface helps the user to set times, score and team/player information. Granteq has simplified the process of managing an AV system with the control app installed on an iPad. Granteq has supplied, installed, configured, programmed, tested, and provided training for the AV systems in all of the above areas.

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