Proximity Learning, Hybrid Classrooms

Proximity Learning, Hybrid Classrooms

How schools and students adapt to new ways of teaching and learning? A case study

With the Covid 19 staying with us for so long, we all are now realizing the fact it may be hard to eliminate the virus; instead, we will slowly learn to live with it.

Living in Covid 19 times is challenging, however, every challenge is a door to opportunities. One of the many areas affected by the epidemic is the education segment. School corridors are now yearning for the return of those good old days that bustled with chatter and flowing of students.

While we hope that those days will come back, humanity will never leave everything just to hope. The show must go on. That’s why within days of the first shock of Covid 19, students settled slowly in front of webcams and mobile devices. Now, that’s the new routine. With the decision to slowly open up schools for a limited number of students, there came the need for merging the offline and online teaching – thus a new terminology “hybrid-learning”. The terminology may have existed earlier, but it now became an integral part of the education eco-system.

With hybrid learning, educational institutions avoid the hurdle of holding separate sessions for offline and online students. It works so seamlessly and the teacher and students benefit hugely from this virtual – real combination.

Another technology introduced recently is Proximity Learning, a technology that allows a school to better empower its teachers and students. With proximity learning, teachers are now capable of teaching at multiple classrooms across the nation or even beyond borders while also allowing students at home to join the class.

Each class is kitted out with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a smooth experience for teachers and an unparalleled learning experience for the student joining from anywhere.

Recently, Granteq implemented Proximity Learning for a leading education management group, which has several campuses spread across the UAE.

The proximity learning solution implemented by Granteq, with all the technical intricacies and complexities inside, is so simple and easy to use. With just a tap on an iPad, the teacher can turn on the “Teacher Mode” and the teacher is now in full control of her classroom. The teacher has the controls of the camera(s), microphone, student visibility, and content sharing. Everything functions seamlessly and maybe even better than real classrooms.

The proximity learning solution setup by Granteq allows specialized teachers to hold classes across campuses in the UAE without having to travel and still maintaining the in-class experience for the students.

The whole system becomes more meaningful and functional when it is connected to the Learning Management System (LMS) – that’s what exactly Granteq did for these schools. The proximity learning systems working in tandem with the existing LMS the schools had was a great savior not just in terms of investment but in terms of time and training.

The interesting part of the story is that the management was such great visionaries and they planned the proximity learning implementation nearly 3 years back. And they were in the process of making this a reality. With the pandemic, proximity and hybrid learning are becoming the norms of the day and something that’s going to stay eternally.

Granteq is always known for its innovation; Innovations in human interactions. Empowering and assisting educational institutions to overcome the challenges of current times is a mission for Granteq.



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