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Best UV Disinfection Equipment for Covid 19 virus and similar infections. Suitable for all establishments and segments. UV Disinfection Machine for:


UV-C Disinfection Robot – Disinfects within minutes

UV-C Disinfection robot disinfects the surfaces of rooms completely in a matter of a few minutes. As per the published scientific study, every organism has a dose for achieving 99% disinfection when exposed to UV-C light at a distance of 3 meters (10 feet approx). The UV light kills the agents responsible for flu, corona virus, fungus, spores, etc.

Ultraviolet C (UV-C) light is a reliable, well-studied technology that damages the DNA of micro-organisms, rendering them non-infectious. There are no known micro-organisms immune to UV-C light. We have developed a Bot, UV-C emitting equipment that is the most affordable than any other comparable mobile room device in the world market. We want to revolutionize the field of infection prevention across sectors through our affordable innovative technology.

The UVC Bot also prevents the bed bug eggs, dust mites, from hatching; negating the need for a separate pest control measures.

  • Unmatched UVC Output for faster and effective disinfection.
  • Smart UV Light Emission with a 180 degree bulb rotation and concave reflection.
  • Motion Detection and Auto Shut Down for more safety
  • Faster UV Disinfection Turnaround
  • Easy Operation, Remote Control Included
  • Green Technology – No Chemical, No Residue
  • Smart UV Disinfection Technology –
  • Tracking & Analytics over Cloud.
  • Patent Pending

Granteq is the leading supplier of UV Disinfection Machines in the Middle East

Proprietary UV Disinfection Machine technology: Patent-pending, Certified, Make in India product.
Smart Technology: Bulbs rotate 180° ensuring not only direct but also hidden surfaces are thoroughly disinfected through the reflected radiation.
Maximizes Customer value: Most affordable in the World market. Almost no maintenance required.
User Friendly: Easy to maneuver even around tight corners, bulbs easy to be replaced and can be easily operated by one person.
Protection: Every bulb is provided with stainless steel cover which opens only during exposure. Protects the bulbs during movement.
Safety: Motion detection and auto shut down sensors for Human safety
Reduces turnaround time: 20×20 ft room is disinfected in one sitting.
Long-lasting: The bulbs will last up to 10,000 hours of usage time. Stainless steel body ensures the bot lasts much longer adding to the savings.
Green Technology: No special lamp recycling required. Environmentally friendly, nontoxic and non-allergenic. No waste is generated. No chemical used.

UM Bot is one of the most powerful UV Disinfection Machine currently available in the world market

Faster and more effective disinfection within minutes. So powerful that it also kills pathogens in the shadow regions. AUM Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Bot causes irreversible damage and there are no known micro-organisms, that are immune to UVC. AUM UVC radiation helps to reduce micro-organisms like COVID 19, not only from the surfaces but also from the air of the indoor environment.

See UV-C Disinfectant Machine in Action

Buy UV Disinfection Machines in Saudi Arabia

Granteq can supply UV Disinfection Machines in Saudi Arabia. You may order UV Disinfection Machines for any part of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh, Mecca, Jedda, or Dhahran

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