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Education today is more and more immersive and technology driven. Screens of different types, engagement and evaluation tools, sharing and collaboration; all makes this segment filled with opportunities.

At the heart of the technology, it is all about how well we communicate, engage and empower students. A choice of learning experiences that include immersive learning, interactive whiteboards, virtual class rooms, virtual and augmented reality etc makes students as well as teachers the process of learning and teaching even more interesting.
Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STREAM) prepare the children for the future. Granteq organizes STREAM clubs in educational institutions enabling modern education and empowering students


From STEM Labs to Touchscreens, Virtual Reality, Immersive Learning and Hybrid Classrooms...

Granteq offers every solution that the modern-day classroom and education system demands. 



Mobile STEM Labs move easily from classroom to classroom on rolling bases, and turn any space into a STEM Lab, Maker Space, or Robotics Lab.

Mobile STEM Labs are designed for collaboration by groups of upto 30 students and comes with required
curriculum materials, craft items, stationaries etc.,

Our Professional Development helps teachers develop the knowledge, skill and confidence they need to become effective STEM mentors.


JADE ROBOT – Sophisticated capabilities, perfect for beginners.

An expandable mobile robot with a multitude of sensors.


Tello EDU – Let the Students’ Creativity Fly

Real-world application of drone technology through free app, online curriculum, and professional development services.


The ClassVR Standalone Headset

VR Gear fro Schools Dubai UAE

ClassVR’s headset is a standalone, classroom-ready device, delivering a fully immersive VR experience under the teacher’s control. Unlike other VR headsets, ClassVR does not require any additional devices, such as phones. Everything is fully integrated into the device, making it easy to use and super reliable.

ClassVR brings affordable, innovative Virtual Reality (VR) to the classroom. It comes complete with hardware, software and curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans, equipping teachers with everything they need to introduce this cutting-edge technology straight into the classroom.



Repaper - Pen & Paper Drawing Tablet

No stylus. Your favorite pens & pencils A ballpoint pen, a color pencil, or your favorite felt pen. Put Repaper Ring™ onto it. Repaper Ring is a smart magnet. No tricks, no electronics, no battery. No compromise.



Touch Screens for Video Conferencing, Hybrid Workspaces, Education, Training, Brainstorming, Wayfinding… Possibilities are endless with CTouch Touchscreens! Granteq has installed a number of TouchScreens in Dubai, Abudhabi and all across UAE.


X2O OneRoomTM

X2O OneRoom is an innovative blending learning platform that provides an immersive and engaging learning experience for both students and teachers which supports both synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.

With broadcast quality high-definition audio visual streams and interactive smart collaboration tools, students can interact and participate in the virtual classroom in real-time with a unique view from their own assigned place in the room.

Video Conferencing for Education

Bringing Quality to the Virtual Classroom

Universities, community colleges and K-12s are investing in HD video collaboration to bring students, teachers and outside experts together for richly collaborative educational experiences.


Transform your teaching

Meet Catchbox - a powerful wireless microphone system featuring the world's first throwable mic.

Encourage engagement
Break down barriers to participation and create an environment where every student feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Foster sense of belonging
Show your school spirit. Customize your Catchbox with a school logo and colors to foster a sense of belonging among students.

Improve academic performance
Use Catchbox to keep your teaching ahead of the curve. Envigorate any topic with quick-fire questions and dynamic debate.

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