Meeting Room Management Systems

Meeting Room Management Systems that will help you to efficiently manage your meeting rooms

When it comes to the efficiency of the workspace or management of your meeting rooms, scheduling and accessing appointments become a time-consuming process for the administrators. Granteq brings in efficiency and optimum use of resources through its technology partners, SMEETS who iron out these creases for the meeting room management.

How few little things rope in excellent efficiency levels?

SMEETS is a clean, simple meeting room management system to manage client appointments and your staff’s ever-changing schedule. We’ve thought of the little things and built tools to help you get organized without wasting precious time and energy.

The Market-Leading Meeting Room and Desk Booking Software Solution have the following features:

  • No more searching for meeting rooms, just click and search for one right from your desktop
  • Book, extend, and cancel the meetings right outside the room
  • Book meetings straight from your desktop and add them to your Microsoft Calendar / Scheduler
  • Large screen format shows meeting room bookings and summaries

You have the flexibility to utilize this system according to the constraints of the Administrator. You can have types of rooms, restrict bookings to some users or let all users book rooms. Equipment and services can be defined for a quick search feature. These are only a few of the flexible features. There are many more that make deployments easy for mid-size businesses, educational institutes, government departments, and large corporates.

Similarly, when it comes to hospitality, SMEETS has earned a reputation for its efficiency and simplicity. SMEETS brings in award-winning solutions by connecting diaries and resources to create flexible working solutions.

SMEETS is primarily selected by senior managers in a variety of organisations globally who want to better utilise office space during a time when more and more employees work with flexibility.

Our technology comprises of:

  • Integrated meeting room booking software
  • Desk booking software and signage
  • Connects users calendars
  • SMEETS helps to make room & desk bookings efficient yet simple, at any time and from any location.

SMEETS’s world-class solutions include:

  • Meeting rooms booking software
  • MS Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration
  • Desk booking software
  • Digital Meeting room and a desk signage
  • Video conference management
  • Comprehensive work-space reporting
  • Resource booking
  • Visitor management

Meeting Room Management Systems​

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