JADE ROBOT – Sophisticated capabilities, perfect for beginners.

An expandable mobile robot with a multitude of sensors.

JADE Robot is a pre-built robot with a number of sensors ranging from range detection, light sensor, line follower, etc as well as actuators such as motors, speakers, servos, LED’s and a LED Screen. Where this robot differentiates itself from all the other STEAM Bots is that it allows you students and teachers alike to start programming it, right out of the box.

By using the built in screen and button pad, we can let students understand the various sensors and capabilities. Combine this with the fact that it can be controlled via Wi-Fi and programmed using a Chrome plug-in. The scratch programming interface allows you to access more advanced features.

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Involving young students in coding and programming has proven that they will be prepared for the workforce of the future.

Expandable mobile robot with programmable custom behaviours

The Jade Robot is an expandable mobile robot with a multitude of sensors. Using the built in user interface, you can experiment with basic robot applications such as object avoidance, light seeking and wall following as well as program the robot with simple movements or use the various sensors to create custom behaviours.

On the top of the Jade Robot, there are all aspect (all the way around the robot) light and object sensors. On the bottom of the robot is the spectrometer and line following sensors.

The Jade Robot can be programmed on the robot itself using the built-in user interface. There are two applications, the first creating a sequence of movements and the second using the light and object sensors to determine actions when they detect different light levels and objects around the robot. The Jade Robot can also be programmed using a Bluetooth connection from a Mac/PC/Chromebook in “Scratch” or “C” to create custom applications.


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