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If you are someone, who is someway connected to Audio Visual (AV) part of business, or want to leverage AV technology for the benefit of doing your business better, this is for you!

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The power of Learning


Prepared by AV Experts

Granteq, as one of the most trusted and experienced AV integrator in the region, has a team of AV experts, who are technically qualified, continuously learned and having hands-on-experience that's AV.


Unlimited Access

No strings attached - access the contents any time, from anywhere. The guides are prepared in the best Interest of the IT & AV community in particular and everyone else who are interested in AV - in general.


Helping you to succeed

Let's help you to achieve your career / business goals. AV Technology is an enabler in helping you to have better human interactions. AV Integration requires extensive learning, expertise and knowledge. Let's take the lead.

Granteq Guides


Your Guide to Huddle Rooms

What are huddle rooms? Why do you need one? Comprehensive guide on Huddle Rooms


IT Manager's Guide to AV Integration

As an IT person, everything that you need to know about AV Integration to help you build and sustain your career

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