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Courtroom Unfied Communication (UC) Audio Visual (AV) Integrations

Granteq can help you to have the ideal Courtroom AV Solutions within your premise. Please contact Granteq for Courtroom AV Solutions in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, India and Africa region.

Courtroom AV Integration in the Middle East, Africa & India

Digital Recording, Av Design, Integration, Evidence Presentation, and More

Created from an initiative to help courts become less dependent on court reporters, we first entered a single courtroom in 1985. Today, our products are integrated into over 10,000 courtrooms throughout the United States and eleven countries spread over four continents, including Mexico, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Tasmania, Malaysia, and Canada.

Our solutions are succeeding in meeting rooms and lecture hall settings as well. Looking forward, we aim to equip courts and other government agencies with the solutions necessary to create the modern digital record.

Our Core, Premier, and Select lines offer hardware and software solutions capable of audio-only recording, full audio/video recording, and portable recording. User-friendly, professional quality, and requiring little personnel interaction, our solutions are preserving the record for tomorrow’s justice system.

From portable audio recording to fully-integrated digital courtroom recording and more, we are the trusted AV provider for over 10,000 installations worldwide.


Whether as an official court record or as an aid for court reporters, thousands of courts across the world use our recording systems for cost-effective digital courtroom recordings.


For meeting rooms and courts that don’t need video as part of their record, We have cost-effective solutions to match just about every budget from 2 microphones to 24 and more…


Hand held recording devices have their limitations and don’t always offer the highest recording quality. Our Core Line offers both a portable and reliable recording solutions on the go.


Travel is costly. Provide an alternate means for inmates, witnesses, guest speakers, or attendees to have the highest degree of interaction without physically being onsite.


Evidence presentation can make or break a case. Our custom-built kiosks are made for physical and digital media presentations and feed directly into our digital recorders.


Our team stands behind our products – with a host of service technicians and live helpdesk support we can help you through just about any issue you may experience.

From portable audio recording to fully-integrated digital courtroom recording and more, we are the trusted AV provider for over 10,000 installations worldwide.



Voice-Activated Video Switching
Our AV processors are the smartest in the land. Our flagship system monitors all microphone inputs and automatically switches the video feed to focus on whoever is speaking. This allows your court staff to focus on their jobs, and let the digital recording handle itself.

Remote Arraignment & Interpretation
Whether you need a simple teleconferencing setup for translators and witnesses, or a fully enclosed tamper-proof solution for inmates in local jails, we have an array of options that can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

Public Address & Assistive Listening
Attendees in your courtrooms need to hear the proceedings. We are experts in making sure that everyone in attendance has that opportunity. Our systems can also keep conversations at the bench private (when needed) with white or pink noise outputs.

Digital Court Recording
Should you choose to save the proceedings from your courtroom in a digital format for easy review, our team is ready to partner with you and build a system that stores your proceedings in an accessible and secure manner.
Evidence Presentation Systems
Offering both digital and analog playback, the Evidence Presentation System has touchscreen capabilities that allow for on-screen annotations. Display images over projectors or flat screen monitors from a variety of portable devices.

Projectors, Displays, etc.
We all know your courtroom needs monitors, projectors and more, but it’s a complicated process figuring out what inputs you need and how to get everything hooked together as one system. Let our design experts do the heavy lifting for you, and let you focus on your expanding caseload.

Centrally Controlled Microphones
Our FlexMic can be centrally controlled through our innovative software control panels – change the pickup pattern, feather-touch pushbutton functions, as well as gain and muting.

CMS Integration
What good is having a digital recording of your proceedings if you can’t access it via your court management system? That’s where we come in. Our systems can be customized to work with your setup, so that you don’t have to worry about looking for case elements in different places.

Live Streaming & File Request
As the world goes digital, more and more courts are keeping up with the times by offering live streaming of select courtrooms. But if someone isn’t available, or a case needs to be reviewed, we give you the system that can provide the full digital recording at the touch of a button.

Maintenance & Helpdesk
Digital AV systems represent a huge investment of not only budgetary dollars, but commitment from your organization to provide everyone with equal access to your system. Ensure that it always performs at the highest levels with one of our maintenance & support programs.

Assistive Listening
Ensure that everyone in your courtroom can hear the proceedings. With our systems, all audio systems can be routed to an assistive listening system, so that no one misses out on anything.

Public Address
Just need some microphones and a way to project the audio throughout your courtroom? No problem, we’ve got you covered there too. Contact us today and our design team will help you come up with a solution for your specific needs.

jail & Prison Conferencing Systems

Faster, safer and more cost-effective solutions for remote appearances. Remote Arraignment, Parole, and Misconduct Hearings

Any time an inmate leaves the confines of a jail or prison, the risk factor for everyone involved goes up. Inmate transport for court appearances and parole hearings are a potentially dangerous situation for guards, court personnel, and the inmates themselves. These transports also present an abundance of challenges, on top of the already significant safety issues, such as paperwork requirements, added security and logistics planning, as well as fleet costs for jailers around the world.

Courtroom outbursts can be a traumatic situation for everyone involved. Since inmates do not need to be physically present for a simple hearing, they can see, hear and participate in the proceedings remotely, without the need to leave the jail or prison. This increases the safety for the officers that monitor the inmates, the judge and court staff, as well as the general public in attendance.

Not only does video conferencing cut back on the cost of physical transportation, but also on the wear and tear on vehicles, and fuel cost. Officers will spend less time on inmate security and transport and be able to focus more on their overall job functions.

When an inmate needs to make an appearance for a 10 – 15 minute hearing, there are hours of planning and execution that go into getting that person to the courthouse.

Now, multiple inmates from multiple locations can be seen and processed efficiently without the need for extra holding cells in the courtrooms.

Hearing Rooms, Lecture Halls, & Meeting Spaces

Whether your need is capturing departmental reports at a city council meeting or recording a lecture, We have the solutions you need to make it happen.

Small rooms to large lecture halls. We have audio recording solutions to capture your important moments.

HD Audio Capture
Handheld systems can’t record audio for anything more than a small group in close proximity, and you usually get what you pay for in audio quality. Our systems are specifically designed for your space, so you know you’re getting top quality coverage and sound capture every time you click “record.”

Speaker Identification
Each microphone is recorded as its own channel in our software, so you can visually identify which microphone is capturing audio throughout your recording.

Visual Indicators
Everyone in the room will know when the recording has started. Our microphones are equipped with high-visibility LED lights that indicate various states and stages of the recording process.

Timestamp Annotations
Never worry about trying to find a certain section of your recordings again. Our software allows you to take real time notes, and automatically timestamps them. So, when you’re reviewing your records, simply click a note and the software will jump right to that point in the recording.

Scalable Technology
Want to start relatively small with your recording equipment and add to the system later? No problem. Our solutions are designed to be scaled up at any point without the need to completely replace existing hardware.

Conferencing Solutions
Our conferencing solutions can be designed to fit your exact room needs. Whether your need involves software-based conferencing solutions utilizing Skype, Google Hangouts…

Digital Storage & Sharing
Our digital AV solutions allow you to not only capture what happens in your next meeting or proceeding, but to store, and even share your captured media with whoever you choose. Simple export options allow you to either send a standard media file, or publish it to a website for public consumption.

Voice-Activated Video Switching

Remote Arraignment & Interpretation

Public Address & Assistive Listening

Centrally Controlled Microphones

Evidence Presentation Systems

Projectors, Displays, etc.

Microphones, Amplifiers, and Mixers

CMS Integration

Live Streaming & File Request

Maintenance & Helpdesk

Assistive Listening

Public Address

Complimentary A/V Consultation

Yes. Our courtroom solutions include courtroom recording equipment. Our professional AV solutions for courts are all-encompassing.

Digital Courtroom Recording Systems, Courtroom Conferencing Solutions, Evidence Presentation Systems, Digital Court Reporting, and much more.

Our courtroom systems have HD audio capture, speaker identification, visual indicators, timestamp annotations, etc. Courtroom Audio Systems are the backbones of the Judicial av integration.

Justice AV Systems are experts in Judicial AV integrations. JAVS is represented by Granteq in the Middle East and India.

Yes, Our courtroom conferencing solutions can be designed to fit your exact courtroom needs. Whether your need involves software-based conferencing solutions

Our Courtroom Video Recording Systems include Voice-Activated Video Switching, Remote Arraignment & Interpretation, Digital Court Recording, Projectors, and Displays, Live Streaming & File Request, Assistive Listening and many other features.

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