Virtual Event Platform for hosting interactive online events – Host Events Remotely

Organize Expos, Exhibitions, Wedding and large meetings virtually

Granteq can help you to organize a feature-packed event – virtually!

Current times are presenting a lot of challenges for event organizers as well as the audience with limited or no opportunity to organize expos, exhibitions, weddings, or events. But, here is an opportunity opening up! In a whole new level and maybe with a long term impact across segments and industries. Granteq, a pioneer in bringing technology to the region, is proud to bring you solutions that will excite everyone. Without physical events, there are still numerous ways to effectively monetize virtual events and incorporate sponsors. 360 Walkthroughs, real-time engagement, and collaboration, 2D/3D Floor Plans, extensive reports… what more! You can make your virtual events more meaningful and profitable.

Granteq has two solutions for Virtual Events. Both of these virtual events platforms offer great flexibility and features.

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Virtual Trade Fair
  • Virtual Medical Events
  • Virtual Education Events
  • Virtual Award Shows
  • Virtual Wedding 
  • Virtual Job Fair
  • Virtual Member Engagement
  • Virtual Employee Engagement
  • Virtual Hackathons
  • Virtual Meetup

an I host Exhibitions with these Virtual Events Platforms?

Yes, you can host Exhibitions and expos virtually using these platforms. Granteq can assist you to make your exhibition a grand success.

Can I create Virtual Booths for Exhibitors?

Yes, Virtual booths are another unique proposition of the product that provides sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their product or service.

Do we have Virtual Walkthroughs?

Yes, You can set up virtual walkthroughs that will create a high level of engagement and appreciation

Does these have Floor Plans?

Yes, it has 3D Floorplan Viewing, Bring floorplans to life with 2D, 3D, and virtual reality viewing.

What are the Viewing Options

The platform has enhanced visualization. Virtual viewing across multiple platforms - web, mobile, VR headset.