Types of Thermal Cameras 

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Types of Thermal Cameras

With the current threat of the new Coronavirus, there are a number of elevated body temperature measuring products such as thermal imaging cameras and IR thermometers that will effectively monitor and detect raised body temperatures without making contact.

Some types of thermal cameras are equipped with technology that can scan and detect large crowds and alert users to anything detected in a set temperature range. Any elevated body temperature is flagged as the sign of infection. The main areas for monitoring people are Ports, Airports, Railway Stations, and areas of mass transit. These places can be controlled by thermal imaging technology to quickly identify cases and stop the spreading of viruses. The key to defeating the pandemic and to stop the spread of this potentially lethal disease is early detection and quarantine. Here are some products which are currently being used to detect viruses for public safety amidst pandemic i.e. Coronavirus, helping to quickly identify carriers and to control and contain the current outbreak.

Infrared Body Forehead Thermometer

  • Used in medical temperature measurements
  • Non-contact equipment
  • Also, measure surface temperature

Mounted Crowd Monitoring – Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • High-quality thermal camera with higher thermal resolution
  • Auto-orientation touchscreen
  • Has laser-assisted autofocus for precise temperature measurements
  • Has an automatic lens calibration

Hand-Held Thermal Imaging Monitoring

  • Professional thermal camera with higher thermal resolution
  • Streamlined design with 180° rotating optical block
  • Has fast-response touchscreen
  • Choice of interchangeable
  • Auto-calibrating thermal lenses





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