People with Masks for Covid Thermal Scanning

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How to choose the thermal scanner software which will make measuring of fever easier?

Having a smart and updated thermal scanner software will offer you more a lot more features and is generally a lot easier than previously available devices.

Nowadays you can even install thermal scanner software on a PC or even your smartphone devices to organize, enhance, clarify, and analyse images and create professional-looking reports that is easily shareable.

But by enhancing images you’re changing the actual data you’re only changing how it is presented.

Below is the list of must-haves whole choosing an up to date and effective thermal imaging software.

  • Process and export images in multiple formats including all proprietary formats
  • Edit and manipulate images by adjusting level and span,
  • Combine visible light and infrared images and adjust the blend between the two
  • View and share images live from your camera to collaborate with remote team members.
  • Remotely control your infrared camera without touching the camera.
  • Create custom reports
  • Perform three-dimensional analysis to identify additional problem areas and help eliminate false positives.
  • Compare images to aid maintenance programs.
  • Add text and audio mark to provide the details for thorough reporting.






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