AMD Global Telemedicine provides clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS)™ that connect a patient with a remote healthcare provider. Our products include telemedicine carts, telemedicine software and specialized medical devices needed to perform a clinical patient exam.

When you choose AMD, you are choosing cutting-edge technology combined with quality telemedicine equipment that is designed for consistent performance even in difficult and remote environments. To make sure you feel supported, we include a one year parts and labor warranty for all of our products (effective from date of invoice), with the option to purchase extended warranty coverage.

Download this simple guide for selecting clinical telemedicine technology solutions.

Encounter Management Software

Experience 100% real-time patient exams using our telemedicine software to record, manage, capture and share patient data and medical images. These software tools are ideal for both store and forward or live video telemedicine applications.

Telemedicine Carts & Systems

Meet your specific program requirements with our integrated telemedicine carts, designed to be configured with the telemedicine medical devices and technology you need for your application. Our all-in-one telemedicine systems make it easy to get your clinical telemedicine program up and running.

Specialized Medical Devices

Have confidence in knowing our reliable medical devices and equipment are designed to deliver superior quality medical images and precise patient data, even in difficult or remote applications. These devices are easily integrated with EMR systems to reduce documentation errors and improve patient workflow.