See how this Team Collaboration Software will change the way you work

Team Collaboration Software & Screen

Hoylu Team Collaboration Software Suite of software is perfect for creative and productive teamwork designed for any size enterprise. Available on many different surfaces to empower teams to work faster and better than ever before.


Go free form. Draw, paint, sketch, design your ideas and share them with the world in an intuitive and easy way. There is no limit to the creative potential you can unleash.

Hoylu Sketch contains an unlimited canvas and can connect many people together for anytime collaboration.

  • Shared workspaces
  • Unlimited canvas
  • Flexible digital tools and pens


Structure your ideas. Plan, assemble, ideate, collaborate. Packed with easy to use communication inputs and process tools, where true sharing and delivery happens.

Flow includes support for most process methodologies like Agile, BIM, LEAN, PHP, and Six Sigma. Import common file formats like JPG, PNG, PPT, and PDF.

  • Easy knowledge management
  • Easily works with existing tools
  • Intuitive UX


Get physical. Be analog. Connect collaboration tools with the simplicity of paper and pen. For the designer at their desk to the foreman in the field, Paper unlocks magic with the tools you’ve always used.

  • Great for large workshops and breakout sessions
  • Fits into existing work processes
  • Real-time playback of drawings