StarLeaf cloud-based video conferencing & collaboration tools

A StarLeaf customer story

StarLeaf offers cloud-based video conferencing services and collaboration tools that create real value for your business. Whether it’s one-to-one video calls, large video conferences, or chats between teams; StarLeaf’s solutions are designed to enhance productivity and provide seamless collaboration.

Help your employees to work more productively and collaborate more easily with a messaging service that lets teams and individuals quickly discuss projects, ask questions and keep up-to-date. With one-to-one messaging, group chats, and the ability to escalate any chat to a video call, it’s all about effective communication.

Remove barriers to communication and hold video conferences that anyone can join, from anywhere, on any device. StarLeaf’s cloud technology offers unparalleled interoperability with other video calling services, so your organization can reach out and connect with the widest possible audience.

Communicate better and make decisions faster with cloud-based video calling that’s as easy as a face-to-face conversation. Wherever you are and whatever device you are on, StarLeaf lets you make calls to anyone, anywhere, on any video calling device.

The StarLeaf GTm range has been designed from the ground up to work with all of Microsoft’s communication platforms; it is the only solution for meeting rooms that supports everything from Lync 2010 through to the latest Skype for Business platforms and soon Microsoft Teams.

No matter how many users or meeting rooms you have or where in the world they are, StarLeaf’s powerful admin controls allow you to update settings from a single location, check device and user statuses at a glance, and provision new meeting rooms and user accounts, all from a user-friendly dashboard.

StarLeaf Encore is a video call recording service that helps you to get more out of important video meetings and remote training sessions. It allows you to capture all the audio, video and screensharing in high definition and then download or share it so that you can review what was discussed, send it to non-attenders, or allow a wider audience to benefit.


Extend your Skype for Business deployment into your meeting rooms with the GTm 5140. A small form factor device purpose built for Skype for Business, it is perfect for huddle spaces and smaller meeting rooms. The GTm 5140 uses the familiar Skype for Business interface on an intuitive touch screen, so that employees are able to create and join video conferences easily and with no training.

With a wide range of camera, screen and wireless content sharing options, the award-winning GTm 5140 Huddle makes Skype meetings more professional and engaging than ever before.

The GTm 5250 is a fully featured, enterprise room system with exceptional video and audio quality that is always ready and easy to use. The only fully managed solution that integrates with professional audio and video devices and third party control systems specifically designed for meeting room spaces.

Designed to support everything from Lync 2010 through to the latest Skype for Business platforms and soon Microsoft Teams, the GTm 5250 provides users with a familiar and intuitive interface to help you move seamlessly from desktop to meeting rooms.

StarLeaf Maestro allows administrators to manage small or large GTm deployments from a single location. It provides a dashboard overview as well as a simple intuitive interface to manage multiple devices remotely, and is available on-premises or as a hosted solution.

  • Manage device settings for any number of remote units anywhere in the world from a single location.

  • At a glance status of all active rooms equipped with either GTm 5250 or GTm 5140 systems, as well as notifications and alerts of any system issues.

  • Quickly analyze and report on usage with a powerful analytics dashboard including call records and detailed statistics.

  • Enables simple installation and configuration of newly deployed systems, including the ability to clone an existing device’s settings for easy replacement.

Here is an example of how StarLeaf developed a video conferencing solution for Brikett Long.

StarLeaf is your top choice for easy migration to Skype for Business with the minimum of cost and disruption. StarLeaf aids the migration by allowing you to leverage your existing video conferencing deployment; connecting H.323, SIP, Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize hardware to your Skype for Business solution, so it’s completely integrated, from your desktop into your meeting rooms.

The benefits we offer are

  • Infrastructure as a Service – no additional hardware.
  • Works for Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Avaya and others.
  • Works with Skype for Business Online and on-premise.
  • Directories synced across all your sites and devices.
  • Join meetings quickly without technical assistance, with a single Join Now button for scheduled meetings with Cisco and Polycom.
  • Supports point to point calling between room systems and Skype for Business.
  • Supports rooms systems dialling into Skype for Business meetings (AVMCU).
  • Supports bi-directional voice, video and content sharing.

Find out what Meeting Room Solution is right for you.

StarLeaf app

The StarLeaf app is a simple, secure and reliable application for messaging, meetings and calling. It works from anywhere, on any device, so your employees can collaborate, share and discuss as easily on the move as at work, and it is completely interoperable with other third party video calling devices.

Being able to communicate effectively with a global, dispersed workforce and both internal and external collaborators is vital for a modern business. StarLeaf allows you to create persistent virtual meeting rooms or run scheduled web conferences that can be joined by up to fifty remote attendees, regardless of device or video conferencing system. These meeting services bring together internal or external audiences and facilitate slick and seamless collaboration through high definition audio and video and easy screen sharing.

StarLeaf web meetings can be joined from any location, including meeting rooms, boardrooms and huddle spaces. Those not in the office can join using the StarLeaf app on their desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or simply from within a browser.

For organizations who already have third-party video conferencing equipment, it’s easy to join a StarLeaf video meeting with StarLeaf’s unparallelled interoperability. Whether you’re on StarLeaf, Cisco, Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync, Polycom or Lifesize, joining a meeting is simple.

Turn any meeting room or huddle space into a video conferencing suite with the GT Mini 3330. Its powerful features bring together team members, customers and partners from all over the world to collaborate and discuss as easily as if they were in the same room.

The GT Mini 3330 provides exceptional quality high definition video and voice while guaranteeing a fully secure, encrypted, connection. It also provides unparalleled interoperability, allowing you to hold calls with anyone, anywhere, on any video or phone installation.

The GT Mini’s intuitive interface means meetings are easy to join, and can be started by anyone with no training or IT assistance. And, with total interoperability with systems including Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business, and H.323/SIP, it extends your business reach and allows you to collaborate with anyone.

The PT Mini 3020 transforms individual desktops for high quality, fully-featured video calling. A compact device complete with handset, touchscreen, USB camera, and the ability to connect to a PC for screen sharing, it provides full StarLeaf video calling and meetings functionality.

Equip staff with a cost-effective way to make high quality video calls at their desk, improving communication and speeding up decision-making.

The PT Mini 3020 provides all the unparalleled interoperability of StarLeaf, allowing your employees to call anyone, anywhere, regardless of what video device they are on. It’s reliable, secure and allows you to easily make or join calls without training or technical assistance, so that communicating with your team or with clients is as easy as possible.

The Group Telepresence 3351 is specifically designed to facilitate rich, immersive and engaging meetings in larger meeting rooms and auditoriums. Designed for professional AV integration, it supports multiple screens, microphones and cameras including pan, tilt, zoom and dedicated document cameras, so that your attendees can always follow the action.

Bring a global audience together, no matter what device or video system they are using, with the Group Telepresence 3351 Room System from StarLeaf. With crisp, high definition audio and video as well as easy screen sharing, it’s the closest thing to having everyone in the same room together.

The Group Telepresence 3351 features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that requires no training, so users can simply walk into a room and start or join a meeting. And, with unparallelled interoperability with systems like Cisco, Polycom and Skype for Business, and unlimited guest invitations, there are no restrictions to collaboration.

Third Party Room System Subscriptions

Extend the life of your video calling equipment or gain new functionality by registering your video room systems with the StarLeaf Cloud. A StarLeaf room systems subscription removes the need for video network infrastructure and brings you total inter-operability with other video calling systems, so you can communicate and collaborate more easily and more widely than ever before

The functionality of the StarLeaf Cloud

Using the StarLeaf Cloud for your video calling brings benefits like firewall traversal for greater security, spam calling protection, screen sharing by any participant on a call, and a powerful administration and management dashboard. It also gives you StarLeaf video conferencing, unlimited peer-to-peer calling, and access to StarLeaf’s powerful messaging and video calling app.