Phoenix Audio Technologies believes that high quality audio should be easy to install and simple to use. You shouldn’t need to be an AV or IT expert to understand how to integrate or use our products. We work on the premise that good audio solutions should be complicated on the inside so that they can be flexible and simple on the outside. To perfect our craft, our company focuses solely on providing audio endpoints that can be used either alone or to complement other video solutions. We design and manufacture products that address the fast pace changes in communication trends, conferencing environments, and connectivity technologies. Our audio algorithms aim to improve the communication experience and to enable people to speak freely and naturally with as little compromise in quality as possible.

Whether you are looking for a personal speakerphone for one-on-one calls in your office, or a conference station for medium to large-sized room, we have your desktop solution! Our products feature echo-cancelling and noise reduction qualities to provide professional sound quality for both you and the person on the other end.

Meet your specific program requirements with our integrated As more office spaces adopt an open floor plan, the requirement for multiple spaces for small meetings has steadily increased, thus the creation of the huddle room. Great for private conversations, meetings and presentations, the huddle is now your scaled down conference room. Phoenix Audio Technologies delivers HD audio through all of its USB based, plug-and-play devices.

The conference room is the center for group collaboration. Phoenix Audio Technologies offers a variety of audio endpoint solutions to address all the different communication platforms that are in use in a modern day conference room. Since all of our products have a USB interface standardized in them, our telephone units have built-in bridging capabilities. You can initiate a video conferencing call via the USB and then dial a telephone call and have both parties talk to you as well as each other through your Phoenix Audio device.

Variable-Sized Conference Flex Rooms have become more popular in the professional work space, allowing the flexibility to shrink, divide, and partition off the areas to fit the need of each meeting. To fully take advantage of the flexibility though, the hardware must also be just as flexible.

Phoenix Audio delivers a range of embedded audio modules that help provide a rich full-duplex audio communication experience for your customers in indoor/outdoor kiosk environments. Our real-time audio processing algorithms with robust noise/echo cancellation and beamforming technology run on dedicated DSPs. They provide a low-footprint, dynamic solution for kiosks in any environment. We work with you to consult and help design the user experience you desire. Working with Phoenix, you can expect an optimized solution and a dedicated support team that will help you garner the highest quality audio communication possible.

Phoenix Audio Technologies delivers small-form factor boards that can be integrated with intercoms to help enhance the audio quality, especially for a full-duplex solutions. Featured with automatic gain control, Phoenix solutions adjust according to speaker voice levels to help maintain audio quality independent of the environment and speaker.

Phoenix Audio Technologies works with universities and audio visual installers to provide high quality audio for a wide variety of uses in the Education market. Remote students do not receive the full advantage of distance learning if they cannot hear what is being taught in live classroom. Phoenix Audio’s products are designed to solve this problem through plug-and-play devices that work with any video conferencing system.

Phoenix Audio Technologies delivers a versatile range of robust, durable, and creative audio communication solutions for the Telemedicine Industry. We have audio solutions for various Telemedicine deployments including kiosks, Carts, Robots, Telemedicine Rooms, and Telemedicine Automotives.

Turn any space into a video collaboration conference room with a professional grade Audio Visual Cart. Securely and easily move your video conferencing setup into any room, office or open space, without damaging your equipment or devices. This gives the flexibility to invest in top quality gear while providing the mobility to be used in small offices to medium conference rooms.

Phoenix Audio Technologies offers the Stingray Distributed Array Mixer, as the perfect audio device for installed room designed conference rooms. It’s easy to set up and superior audio quality make it the preferred pro audio mixer for integrators and end users alike. Our Stingray is designed to provide its users with the high quality audio and rich features they’re expecting from their Phoenix Audio pro audio device, but without the hassle of a complex setup and at a fraction of price of competitors.

While all of our products support a USB interface, we also offer a variety of products geared towards interfacing with telephone systems and products. Our telephony products are divided into four categories: IP Phone, Analog, Smart Phones/Tablets, and Digital Telephone Interface (DTI).

Audio communication is an important aspect of countless devices, projects, and industries, whereas our goal is to help connect and enrich communication. We have an archive of audio processing algorithms and digital microphone solutions that are utilized in a variety of OEM applications including: Automotive, Military, Robotics, Security and connected devices in the “IoT.”

Phoenix Audio Technologies provides robust noise cancelling microphones, echo cancelling microphones, echo and noise cancelling microphones beamforming mic arrays, directional arrays, and audio DSP boards flashed with customized algorithms for voice intelligibility solutions.