Granteq Provides Unique & Innovative LED Technologies

Granteq, with the help of strategic partnerships with some of the top manufacturers of high-end LED technologies, brings a unique and innovative approach to display your ideas. We enable a platform to bring your ideas to life. In line with the emerging trends in Retail and other industry segments, visual technologies have become a high priority area for decision makers. As an Audio Visual Integrator, Granteq has extended its arms in the visual technologies realm.

Wide range of Interactivity, Versatility & Innovation

Over the years, LED Technologies have developed enormously to help engage clients and customers, share information and entertain in unique and innovative ways. Our offerings include some of the lightest and the thinnest LED displays in the world. Our goal is to bring a customized, cost-effective and viable solution into the GCC market. We look forward to meet creative challenges in the field of LED technologies and hope to push the boundary of what is possible.

Types of LED Display technology that we deal in: