The crucial phase and core of any project is the implementation and training of the solution. The successful completion of Initiation, Planning and Design phases is crucial for a successful execution of the solution. The installation phase begins with the delivery & verification of the hardware and software items as per the Bill of Quantity. Once the delivery & verification is complete and the infrastructure meets the recommended requirement, the installation of the AV solution takes place. The installation is strictly monitored for safety & quality, based on the quality assurance policy. Any risks identified during the Initiation and Planning stages are monitored and controlled. Upon the successful installation and integration of the system, a sign off (Installation trip report) is obtained from the project stakeholders on the execution deliverables. The execution may also contain branding or customization / Extensions (connectors) or data migration activities as outlined by the Work Breakdown Structure. A detailed training is provided as part of the install/execution phase. The training is split into end-user functional, technical and power-user training sessions. A detailed training agenda is provided and after the training is completed, a training feedback form is collected.

We have a dedicated Design Studio team that consults with customers on AV business requirements and provides the best engineered solutions keeping budgets, functionality & reliability on priority.

Pre-Installation Site Surveys – We perform onsite visits, to understand physical and technical constraints, providing analytic inputs for our AV design studio while they design solutions around customer requirements.

AV Programming – Our programming team can code and automate AV processes for all AV designs, provide a professional user interface to easily control functionality of AV facilities.

Our dedicated AV Programmers who are responsible for oversight of all coding and programming tasks for the AV Project as well as ensuring functionality is compliant with defined requirements.