The prominence of Classrooms AV Integration in education is beyond estimation. There are two reasons for this; one, learning via AV creates an interactive environment which is more conducive to learning; secondly, we live in an audio-visual age which means that having the skills to use AV equipment is integral to future employment prospects too.


C-Touch touchscreens are specifically designed for education. C-Touch touchscreens prepare students for the world of tomorrow. A digital touchscreen that combines futureproof interactive technology with the greatest ease of use. For teachers and students alike. C-Touch touchscreens are an extremely user-friendly interactive whiteboard.


AirServer lets you wirelessly beam your device’s display to your Mac or PC and from there to your projector, smartboard or HDTV. AirServer also supports multiple simultaneous connections, so one or more students could mirror their devices to share their ideas and their work with the rest of the class. You can monitor what your students are working on and encourage collaboration.


Huddle Hub allows the screen of your computer and mobile device to be presented to the room display or projector, eliminating the need for HDMI cables or dedicated dongles. Huddle Hub One allows for up to 4 concurrent and independent sessions, each with up to 150 participants. Huddle Hub One also transforms the existing room webcam into a “wireless camera” available for any connected device, to be used with your favorite videoconference software.


StarLeaf helps schools and universities to extend their reach by providing the tools for rich, engaging and interactive distance learning sessions. Multiple cameras and microphones follow the action and provide clear audio, and multiple screens can display shared content as well as a choice of controls and attendee layouts. And as sessions can easily be recorded,  lessons can be viewed multiple times or distributed afterwards for students unable to attend.


Mobile STEM Labs move easily from classroom to classroom on rolling bases, and turn any space into a STEM Lab, Maker Space, or Robotics Lab. Mobile STEM Labs are designed for collaboration by groups of upto 30 students and come with required curriculum materials, craft items, stationaries etc. Our Professional Development helps teachers develop the knowledge, skill and confidence they need to become effective STEM mentors.


Gratneq’s innovative immersive learning experience help students to experience the latest in education technology. The ClassVR interface and teacher control portal provide the simple to use tools needed to ensure this exciting and engaging technology can deliver a rich, reliable experience for you and your students. Granteq’s AV solutions that include video projectors, professional audio and media servers provide integrated immersive learning.


Contact Granteq for everything when it comes to technology implementation for your classrooms. Granteq is the preferred solution provider for regional and international schools in the Middle East and India region