Pen & Paper Drawing Tablet

No stylus. Your favorite pens & pencils

A ballpoint pen, a color pencil, or your favorite felt pen. Put Repaper Ring™ onto it. Repaper Ring is a smart magnet. No tricks, no electronics, no battery. No compromise.

Repaper, the future proof multi-patented drawing tablet

Repaper, the future proof multi-patented drawing tablet

Pen & paper

The only drawing tablet using real pen, pencils on any papers

Pressure Sensitivity

State of the art pressure sensitivity – up to 8 192 pressure levels

High accuracy

Your handwriting is accurately transcribed, thanks to 0,2mm of precision

Unique pen hovering

Unique pen hovering performance –up to 7cm above the tablet


Repaper, the drawing tablet that inspires artists

The simplicity of pencil and paper. The power of a graphic tablet.

Draw, pencil, sketch just like you always have. The paper could be rice paper, Bristol board, kraft… Simply attach a single sheet of A5 paper (8.5″ x 5.5″ half letter size, up to 180 g/m² or 110.5 lb) and the magic can begin.


repaper for teachers

Keep your remote lessons alive with a tablet for teachers

Repaper, the original true pen & pencil on paper drawing pad

Repaper can be used on your preferred video-conferencing platform with your computer, your smartphone or tablet via the screen sharing functionality. The Repaper Studio App provides a qualitative and easy-to-use drawing environment.

Why Repaper

Slide Repaper Ring™ onto your favorite pencil. Attach a sheet of your favorite paper to Repaper. Download the Repaper Studio application and start drawing. Your creations comes to life on screen, instantly.

Express your personality and style however you like. The Augmented Interaction™ technology digitally and accurately transcribes your drawings using 8,192 pressure levels. Apply pressure to your pencil to thicken or darken your strokes.

The Repaper Studio app records every step of your creations. Whether a sketch on the fly, a sudden inspiration or a technical drawing, share your creations as time-lapse videos (on e-mail, social networks, sharing applications, etc.)

Create on the fly, wherever you are. Repaper can be used with smartphones, tablets (Bluetooth®), PC or Mac. With Repaper’s “no screen” mode, it can also be used independently running on battery (up to 6 hours of use) and its integrated memory. Then import and view your creations on the device of your choice.

Turn Repaper into a real graphics tablet connected to your Mac or PC. With Repaper Stylus (included), edit and enhance your creations using your favorite

Repaper, the drawing tablet that inspires