Meeting Room AV Solutions for Meeting Rooms & Board Rooms

Granteq is the leader in AV integration for Meeting Rooms. Granteq provides comprehensive solutions right from large screens, touch/interactive screens, huddle rooms, streaming, remote meetings, BYOD, connectivity, Meeting room management systems, and much more.

Bring the latest in Meeting Room technology and increase productivity.

Meeting Room AV Solutions - Bring the latest in AV to your Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms & Conference Rooms

Granteq’s Meeting Room AV Solutions

AV for Meeting RoomA Meeting Room needs some planning when it comes to the Audio Visual set up. You have many choices of room sizes and
shapes, meeting objectives, type of furniture and the number of people expected to be accommodated per room. Granteq’s meeting room AV solution provides customized Boardroom and meeting room AV solutions in line with your parameters to ensure maximum ROI & positive guest experience.

Add Value To Business Via The Big Picture.

  • Lighting & Control Systems
  • Projectors
  • Video Conference
  • Acoustically designed Sound Systems
  • Microphones, Amplifiers and Mixers
  • Interactive Touch Screens

No matter how you choose to use a Meeting Room in your business, one thing for certain is that you will likely need one!