Interactive Wayfinding – Directional Signage

Imagine a new form of digital signage: connected, digital, and with a display that can be personalized with real time information that helps make a city, and other locations like shopping malls, university campuses, exhibitions or leisure parks, come alive!

Introducing iGirouette : A Interactive Panel Directional Street Signage suitable for both indoor and outdoors

As a true connected signage display, iGirouette® accompanies every visitor in their discovery and adapts to them!
A moving signage in total interaction with the public and the social networks, also adapted to the different mobility stakes and transport modes. Its silhouette offers a unique look that fits into every outdoor or indoor environment.

  • An interactive sign with a digital, dynamic and real time display.
  • Displays information tailored for every unique user.
  • Connects to social networks, feeds and calendars for personalized data.
  • Displays: time to go, distance, travel mode in Real Time.
  • Schedule text, logo and animation to appear at various times.
  • Guide visitors in the most efficient and natural way possible.


  • Guide visitors in the most efficient and natural way possible.
  • Each signage system includes 2 arrows rotating about their central axis.
  • Each arrow is independent and positions itself in 15s maximum.
  • Each arrow is capable of individual complete rotation, from 0° to 360°, with a +/- 2.5° precision.
  • Message is customizable, and is able to identify languages and can change the message according to the user input.