Leddura 2MEET – The Touchscreen for Interactive Collaboration

Download this datasheet to know more about the C-Touch Sky.

Download this datasheet to know more about the C-Touch Ledura 2Share.

Download this datasheet to know more about the C-Touch Ledura 2Meet.

Leddura 2Meet is developed to make collaboration more accessible and more interactive in any meeting room. Everything you need for an effective meeting comes together in 1 system: wireless content sharing, whiteboarding, video conferencing with Skype for Business, and direct insight into the availability of meeting rooms. Get to know the ideal solution for agile and lean teams.

Wireless content sharing from any device

Share your content wirelessly and bring interaction to your team. If you are using iPhones, Android, Mac or PC: you can now easily display 4 devices on the touchscreen at the same time. All in a secure and reliable environment.

Whiteboarding: make notes directly on the screen

Simply start the whiteboarding feature with one press of the button. Everyone in the meeting can simultaneously write, annotate, share files and add new pages. Everything works perfectly with Office 365, and furthermore, you can easily call up a web browser or install your company apps.

Touchscreens + Skype for business = The ideal match for video conferencing

Most companies use Skype for Business for video conferencing. The Leddura 2Meet touchscreen is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with Skype for Business. This makes using our touchscreens easy and trustworthy. The touch functionality allows simple and interactive editing of documents and content during meetings. Whether you want to call with Skype for Business users, H323 devices, or phone numbers: video conferencing with colleagues around the world has never been so easy.

Room booking: easily make a reservation and get direct insight into availability

Schedule a meeting in Outlook, then go to the meeting room and start the meeting with 1 press of the button. Is there a meeting room free? You can also easily make a reservation from the screen. Did you forget to cancel a meeting? No problem, if the room is not being used, Leddura 2Meet will release it automatically after 15 minutes. The 2Meet also works well with existing Microsoft Exchange-based room-booking systems.

Safe and easy to implement

Leddura 2Meet works with an open architecture that works with the most common infrastructures, such as Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and SharePoint:

  • Video conferencing technology based on Skype for Business technology
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory
  • Supports Centralized Device Management
  • Can be controlled via RS232 or IP
  • Secure (encryption) and secure environment
  • Support for Antivirus systems
  • Upgrades included, including new functionalities
  • Training program included