Woman wearing protection mask proceeding to Thermal Screening

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Why are Thermal Cameras becoming important in everyday life these days?

According to a report, Usage of thermal imaging cameras will go up for the purpose of identifying persons with possible increased body temperature, which could be an indication of fever which in turn is a symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19 coronavirus.

As the various governments have started to worry and discuss the million-dollar question if it will be safe to lighten social distancing rules and the official thinktank has already started to work on lockdown and its lifting, there will be some limitations which will be implemented. The focus has shifted from precautions to the next level i.e. to finding technology that could help to protect the public in busy environments such as airports, schools, restaurants, and offices.

The process of screening and identifying individuals with elevated body temperatures will include steps where an individual will be medically screened using virus-specific tests to determine whether he is a carrier of the virus or not and hence will be required to self-isolate if found positive. Therefore, Thermal imaging technology is used alongside medical procedures, it can help a great deal to prevent the potential spread of infection.

The EBT-screening thermal cameras will trigger an audible and/or visual alert when above-average body temperatures are is confirmed positive for the further steps to be taken.

It is important to note that thermal imaging cameras are not used as diagnostic tools. These thermal cameras will fail miserably to detect the carriers if these people do not have a fever. However, when used in collaboration with medical tests, thermal imaging cameras can help to identify symptomatic carriers and viruses.





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