People waiting for temperature check by Thermal Scanner in Dubai

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Thermal Cameras with Facial Recognition

As work at home orders begin to lift around the world, companies are taking different steps to return to their normal self in the wake of COVID-19 by turning to some high tech monitoring tools to check the health of their workers and reduce the chance of spreading the virus. Offices across the world are going for the thermal cameras with facial recognition which can rapidly scan a mass of workers and mark the specific employees who are having a fever in real-time.

Many organisations are investing for adding heat detection parts to its surveillance camera systems. The new thermal cameras with facial recognition that combines heat detection and AI tools to work efficiently. It has been fitted with AI that can also detect how far apart people are, which could help employers enforce social distancing and also can use facial recognition to track individuals’ movements over time to enable employers to trace a worker’s contacts if it turns out they’re not well. It turns that thermal cameras may still not be a perfect tool for screening people for fever since they only detect a person’s skin temperature while their internal temperature remains unknown. These latest Thermal Scanners also has a margin of error of a few degrees. However by combining AI effectively to reduce this margin of error by factoring in everyone’s temperature across a single room and by taking readings from different parts of people’s face to make the screening process more reliable.





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