EXPO 2020 AV Integration

Are you ready yet for EXPO 2020 Dubai? Expo 2020 opens up an array of opportunities for businesses of all sizes.  This EXPO, get connected, collaborate and interact with the help of most advanced AV solutions offered by Granteq

Expo 2020 at Dubai is said to be the largest and most expansive trade show on earth so far. The business potential Expo 2020 offers is huge. Regardless the sector your business is in or size of the business, everyone in Dubai and beyond is going to be benefitted by the immense opportunities Expo 2020 opens up.

Audio Visual (AV) elements will play an important role in how you tap into these opportunities. The AV technology and infrastructure within the organization will become crucial for your business in Expo 2020 and post Expo 2020 eras. Getting connected, collaborating, and interacting ach other seamlessly will be of paramount importance to your business performance in coming days.

For Expo 2020, you may require AV Technologies like huddle rooms, meeting room management, remote meetings, interactive touch screens, projectors, sound systems, video walls, and immersive studios  etc – all these are but some components of Granteq’s bouquet of AV integration solutions.

Be prepared to take-on the future!

Expo 2020 AV Solutions

Granteq has devised a very special solution pack for Expo 2020. It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for that ‘essential AV’ or a comprehensive AV integration – both are met with utmost care and diligently by the Granteq team