Drones will be a 50-billion-dollar industry by the year 2030.

So, in order to empower students to take up future challenges, it is imperative to expose them to this technology from a young age. Educational drones provide a platform for students to learn concepts such as programming, physics, aerodynamics, automation, etc.

What is Tello Edu?

The Tello EDU is a drone platform that is safe, compact, programmable via Scratch & Python. There are a number of mobile/tablet applications that allows a student to control the drone manually or via Scratch programming. The Python library is available as an open source resource and can be use d with any Python IDE on a PC. This along with the curriculum that we provide, allows students to explore complex concepts like facial/object recognition, image/video processing, artificial intelligence and even swarm control. There’s even a course for a Tello EDU Simulator!

Drone Academy Initiative

To spread awareness of drones and how it can be implemented in society, we are re-launching the Drone Academy Initiative. Here we support individuals and educational organizations with the tools and resources needed to learn while they play with drones. Apart from this, we are also planning to launch a countrywide drone competition that will serve as a platform to let like-minded drone enthusiasts compete and test out their knowledge. Winners in this competition will be allowed to compete on an international level.

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Keeping COVID in mind

In these trying times, we aim to ensure that the leaders and innovators of tomorrow are able to have access to the resources they need to keep growing. As such, we will be providing the Tello EDU and the associated curriculum right to your door ensuring the health and safety of our clients.

See the present and the future of Drones in action!

Granteq has partnered with DJI & DroneBlocks to bring you this exciting new opportunity.

With the Tello EDU and the many modules in the DroneBlock Portal, you can experiment, play, and learn about the various activities and mini-projects that you can be done using this platform. Learn how to control Tello EDU with Scratch, Python, Java, Node-RED and even in a Simulated Environment.

As this curriculum is being delivered online, you will be able to use the Tello EDU being delivered straight to you, in the comfort of your own home. This would make those restless days a bit more interesting, don’t you think?

The Drone Academy Initiative is one in which we not only support the school deliver the tools and resources to your students to further their interest and passion in Drones. Here, we work on a custom implementation strategy to provide the full curriculum access along with Teacher Training from our team for the school.

We aim to support interested institutes to deliver this as an ECA for the students who are passionate and willing to take this step into learning with STEAM.

Depending on the scale of the implementation you are interested in, we have a number of packages and implementation strategies to choose from.

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