HRT Huddle Hub Demo - Cast your screen to upto 4 Meeting rooms / 64 Users!

Huddle Room Technology helps you to present tirelessly and remotely. You can simultaneously connect upto 4 meeting rooms. You can either to choose to mirror your screen to one main screen or air to upto 64 participants own smart device / PC/ Laptop screens. Huddle Hub is great technology to collaborate and present. Great time and space saver. Take your meeting room anywhere, everywhere!

Virtual Huddle Rooms

Device-to-Device Wireless Presentation

Teamwork is crucial in modern organizations of every size. The Huddle Hub product family gives you the flexibility of collaborating and communicating in every space of your company – offices, open spaces, or even lounges – without the need of dedicated rooms, large displays, wide angle, and PTZ cameras or wireless presentation tools.

Huddle Hub One – the ultimate in Meeting Room Presentation Solutions

By connecting your wireless device to Huddle Hub One, you can share your screen directly to the screen of all the other connected participants. No matter where you are in your company, with Huddle Hub One you can make a presentation with no other video equipment needed. Switching from one presenter to another is as simple as clicking – or tapping – on the screen.

Multicam feed for UC clients

Through Huddle Hub One, you can connect up to six wireless devices and transform them into a multi-camera collaboration solution requiring no other video equipment. Huddle Hub One combines the video streams captured by the individual cameras into a single one, and sends it to the remote room through your favorite videoconference software.