Auditorium AV System Design & Integration

Auditorium AV System Design & Integration Integrated modern AV solutions for Auditoriums, Amphitheatres and large venues. Create an impactful Audio Visual experience with our AV Solutions. Granteq provides comprehensive audio video system for auditoriums, performance spaces and conference halls, commercial and large venues. Our AV experts design & install the best possible solutions for any… Continue reading Auditorium AV System Design & Integration

Host Events Remotely – All Seated

Plan or Host Events Remotely Bring Event Visions to Life with Interactive and Immersive Event Planning for In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events Allseated is an easy-to-use digital platform that allows event professionals to plan and visualize events before they happen, while collaborating seamlessly and working remotely with clients. And with Allseated exVO, our next generation… Continue reading Host Events Remotely – All Seated

Host Virtual Conferences with Most trusted Virtual Conference Software

Host Virtual Conferences with Most trusted Virtual Conference Software Create awesome, engaging online event experiences and reach a wide range of audiences with a hybrid virtual conference platform. Host interactive online events & connect attendees globally with Hubilo’s Virtual Event Management Software. Hubilo is a mix of smart and intelligent hybrid event platform. Make event… Continue reading Host Virtual Conferences with Most trusted Virtual Conference Software

Virtual Event Platform for hosting interactive online events

Interactive Virtual Events & Expos Platform Organize Expos, Exhibitions, Weddings and large meetings virtually. Granteq can help you to organize a feature-packed event – fully online! Current times are presenting a lot of challenges for event organizers as well as the audience with limited or no opportunity to organize expos, exhibitions, weddings, or events. But,… Continue reading Virtual Event Platform for hosting interactive online events

Meeting Room Management Systems

Meeting Room Management Systems Meeting Room Management Systems that will help you to efficiently manage your meeting rooms When it comes to the efficiency of the workspace or management of your meeting rooms, scheduling and accessing appointments become a time-consuming process for the administrators. Granteq brings in efficiency and optimum use of resources through its… Continue reading Meeting Room Management Systems

Digital Signage – LED Walls

Digital Signage / LED Walls When its Display systems, We bring in innovations, Our Customers bring in Business Granteq has always been a favourite when it comes to innovation and technology for digital display. Whether it is retail, hospitality, corporates or educational institutes, Granteq excels with its wide range of display technologies and innovations. Granteq… Continue reading Digital Signage – LED Walls

Interactive Wayfinding – Directional Signage

Interactive Wayfinding – Directional Signage A Interactive Panel Directional Street Signage suitable for both indoor and outdoors – iGirouette Imagine a new form of digital signage: connected, digital, and with a display that can be personalized with real time information that helps make a city, and other locations like shopping malls, university campuses, exhibitions or… Continue reading Interactive Wayfinding – Directional Signage

Immersive Virtual Meeting Rooms & Classrooms

Immersive Virtual Meetings & Classrooms Real-time Immersive Meeting and Learning Environments X2O OneRoom is the future of remote meetings and education. Designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between instructors and participants, X2O OneRoom enables both in-room and remote participants with a unique real-time, immersive engagement on a global scale. Discover the key advantages of X2O… Continue reading Immersive Virtual Meeting Rooms & Classrooms

Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage

Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage Boost Team Productivity & Communication A cost-effective and hassle-free solution for easier collaboration and engaging meetings. Choose the right NovoConnect Solution for your space and your needs. Direct connection with Launcher Invite guests or team members to instantly connect to the NovoConnect unit from their laptops using Launchers. A mix… Continue reading Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage

Catchbox Throwable Microphone

Catchbox – Get people talking! Meet Catchbox – a powerful wireless microphone system featuring the world’s first throwable mic. Catchbox helps you to focus on participation, not just information. People don’t go to lectures, conferences, or meetings just to listen to someone talk; that is what youtube, email, and the internet are for. Instead, events… Continue reading Catchbox Throwable Microphone

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