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All you need to know about Thermal Scanners. Why are they more important than you think?

Becoming increasingly more affordable, thermal imaging equipment is rapidly becoming adopted in many different industries from marine iceberg detection to automated process machinery monitoring. They’re also extremely common in building analysis, detecting electrical components that are overheating and countless other applications.

A thermal scanner is used to detect how heat is distributed across an environment. In basic terms, a thermography tool detects heat rather than light, displaying this information as a heat-map image with relevant temperature data. Whereas every pixel of a digital image is assigned a visual marker, a pixel for a thermal image is assigned image and temperature data, allowing the heat map to be created.

Thermal Scanners Fail, when….

Unable to see through glass. Glass is a reflective material, It does not allow thermal cameras to see through. The same principle would also apply if you took a thermal image of someone wearing glasses. Glasses allow visible light through them, they’re designed to block Infra-red light from passing through it. This turns the window essentially into an infrared light mirror, making the reflection. Maybe a professional-grade camera will help to see through the glass, but the quality of the image will degrade significantly because of the glass filtering out infrared rays and hence thermal imagery information.

There is no escape from Thermal Scanners!

Impossible to hide from it. We all know that the thermal camera doesn’t rely on daylight to create an image instead it uses heat vision to display imaging. Thermal imaging is not affected by darkness, weather conditions. Because of its effectiveness and increasing popularity, Police and security professionals are rapidly becoming more dependent on thermography and thermal imaging. This technology allows them to easily spot criminals even in darkness. The military has also using thermal equipment in both their aircraft and fieldwork to detect body heat and ensure the safety of soldiers.

A little less than everything can be measured

We know that our body emit heat but so does almost every object in the world. Unless an object is at absolute zero, it can’t escape a thermal camera. It hugely depends on the quality of the thermal camera you’re using, even the most smallest changes in temperature can be detected, so if an object is above absolute zero, it can register on a thermal camera. From your laptop at work to extremely cold milkshake, every object in the world above absolute zero can be measured on a thermal image.

Unable to see through walls

Since most of the walls are thick to keep a building insulated, a thermal camera can’t do a proper thermal reading it is picking up on the heat on the other side of the wall. The thermal reading in fact the heat of the wall due to the factors such as internal heating, light exposure and air conditioning. The thermal reading hugely depends on the camera used and the wall in question.

Uses of Thermal Scanners

The uses of thermal cameras are vast; here are just a few examples of how these instruments are used all over the world:

    1. Used for spot moisture damage, detect poor insulation in Home and building inspections.
    2. Used by both military and commercial vessels to aid with the detection of icebergs, enemy ships, and warm bodies in the water for Marine use.
    3. Used to find overheating components and take remedial action for Electrical inspection.
    4. Police use it to track criminal body heat on foot, in vehicles, and from the air for Law enforcement work.
    5. CCTV thermal installations used by surveillance networks for security purposes.
    6. Used to monitor production lines constantly for problematic components and overheating issues in the process industry.
    7. Used to spot tissue damage and fever conditions in both humans and animals for security and medical purposes.





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